The Little Book of Dyslexia

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    Independent thinking press
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​There are plenty of books available about dyslexia, and many of them are specifically aimed at teachers… but this bright and engaging little volume stands out from all the rest, because it is quite possibly the only example of a educators’ guide to dyslexia written by someone who is not only a student teacher, but is himself dyslexic. This means he is able to offer the view, as he puts it, from ‘both sides of the classroom’ – explaining with admirable clarity and a good deal of humour what it is like to live with dyslexia, while at the same time appreciating what it means to be a teacher faced with 30 children, each of whom learns slightly differently from everyone else. The advice he shares is invaluable, not least because it translates into a more inclusive way of teaching as a natural consequence, which can only be of benefit for all pupils, not only those with a diagnosed SEN.