The Perfect Ofsted English Lesson

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    Independent Thinking Press
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​Is there a difference between an outstanding lesson as experienced by a teacher and his/her pupils, and one that is likely to be officially judged as such by an Ofsted inspector? Certain strands of the media would suggest there is – with all wise educators having a foolproof, box-ticking extravaganza in their planning portfolio that can be delivered whenever there’s an observer in the classroom, so that ‘normal’ teaching (i.e. crowd control and damage limitation) can be resumed once the venerable visitor has departed. However, no good teacher really believes that this is the way to ensure higher standards; and despite the title, this book is about good teaching, not impressing the watchdogs. Didau’s advice is effective, practical and creative – yes, you’ll find many Ofsted-friendly tips here, but the main purpose of this powerful little manual is simply to help you become the best teacher you can be.