Thinking Allowed on Schooling

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​Best known as former Director of the Curriculum at the QCA, but with a whole range of roles from classroom teaching to consultancy on his CV, Mick Waters is that rather rare phenomenon in the world of educational commentary: someone who cares passionately about how we educate our young people, who has solid experience underpinning his theories and ideas on improvement… and who never forgets that the actual business of teaching and learning can’t be put on pause while methods and systems are analysed and debated. He sees things both as they are, and how they could and should be – and here, in a series of insightful and accessible essays, he presents this pair of perspectives with a blend of pragmatism, compassion, wisdom, humility and conviction that is quietly compelling. In a highly crowded market, this is perhaps one of the most important books about schools you’ll find, at least for now.