Anthony Horowitz - the takeover!

Monday June 16th - 2:00 – 3:00 pm

In the 2014 New Year Honours, Anthony Horowitz received an OBE for services to literature. Anthony is one of the most popular, influential, inspiring and (occasionally) provocative writers for young people in the UK. He’s best known as the author of the number one bestselling ALEX RIDER books (28 languages, 16 million English language sales).

Anthony has been widely acclaimed for inspiring a generation of teen and pre-teen boys to read – though his work also has a huge female readership. He’s fiercely championed the work of teachers and school librarians. He’s conducted writing workshops with youth offenders. He’s been called in by government administrations – Labour and Conservative/Liberal – to discuss the secret to getting and keeping kids reading. Earlier this year, he even interviewed Michael Gove (for The Spectator).

Now, on June 16th, Anthony is plotting a playful takeover of school English lessons by broadcasting live to schools across the UK and Ireland with a one-hour digital event, hosted by TV presenter Barney Harwood. Rest assured, this will make for an English lesson like no other!

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This is, no question, the biggest event Anthony has ever undertaken. It’s a unique opportunity for young people, and teachers, across the UK and Ireland to put questions live to Anthony Horowitz. Where does he get his ideas from? What’s so great about school librarians? How and why does he thoroughly research each of his books? What’s he working on next? What inspired him to return to the world of ALEX RIDER from the assassin’s perspective in RUSSIAN ROULETTE? Anthony will answer the questions YOU want answers to and read live from RUSSIAN ROULETTE (out in paperback on June 5th).

Anthony Horowitz says, “If you want to engage young people in reading, you have to reach out to them which means personal contact, talking about books, answering questions. These days, sadly, school visits are difficult - they’re simply too time-consuming. This digital takeover seems the perfect answer, allowing me to break into a whole range of schools and address classes directly. I’m delighted that Barney - such a well-known face - is joining me and I’m very grateful to those teachers who have agreed to disrupt the school calendar and take part.”

The event, hosted by Walker Books in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, is suitable for students aged 10+ and will also be available on-demand a few days after the event at