Pimp Your Lesson!

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​Make no mistake about it; this is unashamedly a book about box ticking – but with style, rather than resignation. You know you’re a good teacher. The authors know you’re a good teacher. But within the pages of this brisk little volume you’ll find tricks, tips and techniques to help you demonstrate to an observer that you are capable of delivering a lesson that is officially and unequivocally ‘outstanding’. The game playing is overt, and at times the approach can seem almost uncomfortably reliant on smoke and mirrors (if you ‘know that one troublesome pupil will do their damned hardest to disrupt your fastidiously planned lesson… have them removed on the quiet, to a friendly colleague’s room’) – however, Wallace and Kirkman aren’t cynical, just realistic. Their suggestions will genuinely enhance teaching and learning, as well as impress the inspector, and you’re encouraged to set hoops on fire, rather than meekly jump through them.