The thinking teacher

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    Independent Thinking Press
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​This is not a teaching manual. It’s not a guide to help you impress your SLT, or Ofsted. There are no checklists or worksheets. And you’d struggle to place it one side or the other of any of the either/or debates about education that are the current focus of so many pedagogues and politicians. Quinlan doesn’t have an axe to grind, nor a method to sell – he simply wants all of us involved in education to pause and take some time to think, properly, about what we’re doing and, perhaps more importantly, why. Through a series of gently challenging essays, he questions ingrained assumptions, suggests avenues of mental exploration, and encourages honest, open reflection. There are some practical ideas you could try out in your own classroom, but the main aim of this book is to inspire you to develop yourself as a ‘thinking teacher’, who will naturally help to nurture thinking children, with the skills and aspirations to shape a truly successful and fulfilled future.