Why are you shouting at us?

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​You’d expect any book involving Phil Beadle to be feisty, funny and frank – for it also to be humble and hopeful might come as rather more of a surprise. Here, the regular TS columnist is writing in collaboration with John Murphy, a man with more than two decades of experience working in some of the most challenging schools in the country; the result is a balanced and genuinely original guide to managing behaviour in schools that’s professional, pragmatic, and above all, humane. What makes it different from all those other titles on the topic out there? Well, for a start, it suggests you assess yourself first – not necessarily an easy process, but essential if you’re to create a school environment in which desirable behaviour is part of its living, breathing culture, rather than merely a set of glib aspirations printed out, laminated, and stuck to a wall. It’s powerfully transformational stuff; check it out.