The Art of Teaching

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​Educating and shaping the adults of the future is, of course, the most important job in the universe… but come on, let’s not take ourselves too seriously (if for no other reason than doing so leaves us at risk of disappearing completely in a cloud of our own self-importance). The times educational miscreant has been on a mission to puncture pomposity and point out the Emperor’s wardrobe malfunctions since at least 2010, and most recently has been doing so in the form of wickedly satirical one-poster marketing campaigns for a succession of teaching aids for the modern, Ofsted-oppressed and target-driven pedagogue, shared via his blog and now brought together in book form for your delectation. Snigger at the “All Purpose Lesson Filler”; grin ruefully at the “Agar Germ Exchange”; and genuinely consider getting hold of your very own “Chaos Bee”...